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Butterflies and Skippers (210 Total)

Click on a species name for photographs, status, range, Nebraska Natural Heritage ranking*, flight times, size and hostplants.

*The Nebraska Natural Heritage Program description on each species page presents information about at-risk species. The first number is the State Natural Heritage Conservation Status rank. The second is the Natural Legacy Plan Status. Tier 1 means nationally at-risk of extinction. Tier 2 means at-risk of disappearing from Nebraska. To read more about the program click here and here.

#Range for species chart divided between West (W), North Central (NC), Northeast (NE), Southwest (SW), South Central (SC) and Southeast (SE).

Scientific NameCommon NameOccurrenceRange#
Family: HESPERIIDAESkippers
Epargyreus clarus Silver Spotted SkipperCommon ResidentStatewide
Thorybes lyciades  Hoary EdgeRare StraySE
Thorybes bathyllus  Southern CloudywingRare ResidentSE
Thorybes pylades  Northern CloudywingOccasional ResidentStatewide
Staphylus hayhurstii  Hayhurst’s ScallopwingRare ResidentNE, SW, SC, SE
Grais stigmaticus  HermitVery Rare StrayVaries
Erynnis brizo  Sleepy DuskywingUncommon ResidentSE
Erynnis juvenalis  Juvenal’s DuskywingUncommon ResidentNC, NE, SE
Erynnis horatius  Horace’s DuskywingOccasional ResidentW, NC, NE, SC
Erynnis martialis  Mottled DuskywingRare ResidentW, NC, SE
Erynnis funeralis  Funereal DuskywingUncommon StrayVaries
Erynnis baptisiae  Wild Indigo DuskywingUncommon ResidentStatewide
Erynnis afranius  Afranius DuskywingOccasional ResidentW
Erynnis persius  Persius DuskywingRare ResidentW
Pyrgus scriptura  Small Checkered-SkipperLikely ExtirpatedW
Burnsius communis  Common Checkered-SkipperCommon Resident/StrayStatewide
Pholisora catullus  Common SootywingCommon ResidentStatewide
Ancyloxypha numitor  Least SkipperLocally CommonStatewide
Oarisma garita  Garita SkipperlingRare ResidentW
Thymelicus lineola  European SkipperVery Rare StrayVaries
Hylephila phyleus  Fiery SkipperStrayVaries
Hesperia uncas  Uncas SkipperUncommon ResidentW, NC, SW
Hesperia juba  Juba SkipperVery Rare StrayVaries
Hesperia colorado  Western Branded SkipperLocal ResidentW, NC, SW
Hesperia ottoe  Ottoe SkipperRare ResidentStatewide
Hesperia leonardus pawnee  Pawnee / Leonard’s SkipperUncommon ResidentW, NC, NE, SW, SC
Hesperia pahaska  Pahaska SkipperRare ResidentW
Hesperia metea  Cobweb SkipperPossible Rare ResidentSC
Hesperia viridis  Green SkipperPossible Rare ResidentW, SW
Hesperia attalus  Dotted SkipperExtirpated ResidentSE
Polites rhesus  Rhesus SkipperRare ResidentW
Polites carus  Carus SkipperVery Rare StrayVaries
Polites peckius  Peck’s SkipperOccasional ResidentStatewide
Polites sabuleti  Sandhills SkipperRare Stray/ResidentW
Polites themistocles  Tawny-edged SkipperCommon ResidentStatewide
Polites origenes  Crossline SkipperUncommon ResidentStatewide
Polites mystic  Long DashUncommon ResidentW, NC, SE, SW
Polites egeremet  Northern Broken-DashRare ResidentW, NC, NE, SC, SE
Vernia verna  Little GlassywingUncommon ResidentNC, NE, SE
Atalopedes campestris  SachemCommon StrayStatewide
Atrytone arogos  Arogos SkipperRare ResidentStatewide
Anattrytone logan  Delaware SkipperCommon ResidentStatewide
Problema byssus  Byssus SkipperRare ResidentSE
Poanes massasoit  Mulberry WingRare ResidentNE
Lon hobomok  Hobomok SkipperUncommon ResidentStatewide
Lon zabulon  Zabulon SkipperUncommon ResidentNE, SC, SE
Lon taxiles  Taxiles SkipperUncommon ResidentW, NC
Poanes viator  Broad-winged SkipperUncommon ResidentW, NC, NE
Euphyes dion  Dion SkipperUncommon ResidentNE, SE
Euphyes conspicua  Black DashRare ResidentNE
Euphyes bimacula  Two-spotted SkipperUncommon ResidentW, NC, NE
Euphyes vestris  Dun SkipperOccasional ResidentStatewide
Atrytonopsis hianna  Dusted SkipperUncommon ResidentStatewide
Notamblyscirtes simius  Simius Roadside-SkipperRare ResidentW
Amblyscirtes oslari  Oslar’s Roadside-SkipperRare ResidentW, NC, SW, SC
Amblyscirtes nysa  Nysa Roadside-SkipperRare StrayVaries
Amblyscirtes vialis  Common Roadside-SkipperOccasional ResidentStatewide
Lerodea eufala  Eufala SkipperOccasional StrayVaries
Calpodes ethlius  Brazilian SkipperVery Rare StrayVaries
Panoquina ocola Ocola SkipperVery Rare StrayVaries
Megathymus yuccae  Yucca Giant-SkipperUncommon ResidentW, NC, SW, SC
Megathymus streckeri  Strecker’s Giant-SkipperUncommon ResidentW, NC
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Family: PAPILIONIDAESwallowtails, Parnassians
Parnassius smintheus sayi  Says’ ParnassianPossibly ExtirpatedW
Battus philenor  Pipevine SwallowtailUncommon StrayVaries
Eurytides marcellus  Zebra SwallowtailResidentNE, SE
Papilio polyxenes  Black SwallowtailCommon ResidentStatewide
Papilio machaon  Old World SwallowtailUncommon ResidentW, NC, SW, SC
Papilio zelicaon  Anise SwallowtailUncommon ResidentW
Papilio indra  Indra SwallowtailUncommon ResidentW
Heraclides cresphontes  Giant SwallowtailOccasional ResidentNC, NE, SW, SC, SE
Pterourus glaucus  Eastern Tiger SwallowtailCommon ResidentStatewide
Pterourus rutulus  Western Tiger SwallowtailRare Stray/ResidentW
Pterourus multicaudata  Two-tailed SwallowtailOccasional ResidentW, NC, SW, SC
Pterourus troilus  Spicebush SwallowtailRare StrayVaries
Pterourus palamedes  Palamedes SwallowtailVery Rare StrayVaries
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Family: PIERIDAEWhites, Sulphurs, Yellows
Neophasia menapia  Pine WhitePossibly ExtirpatedW
Glutophrissa drusilla  Florida WhiteVery Rare StrayVaries
Pontia sisymbrii  Spring WhiteOccasional ResidentW
Pontia protodice  Checkered WhiteCommon ResidentStatewide
Pontia occidentalis  Western WhiteUncommon ResidentW, SW
Ganyra josephina  Giant WhiteRare StrayVaries
Pieris rapae  Cabbage ButterflyCommon ResidentStatewide
Euchloe ausonides  Large MarbleRare ResidentW
Euchloe olympia  Olympia MarbleOccasional ResidentStatewide
Anthocharis midea  Falcate OrangetipPossibly ExtirpatedNE, SE
Colias philodice  Clouded SulphurCommon ResidentStatewide
Colias eurytheme  Orange Sulphur/Alfalfa ButterflyCommon ResidentStatewide
Colias alexandra  Queen Alexandra’s SulphurUncommon ResidentW
Zerene cesonia  Southern DogfaceStrayVaries
Anteos clorinde  White Angled SulphurVery Rare StrayVaries
Anteos maerula  Yellow BrimstoneVery Rare StrayVaries
Phoebis sennae  Cloudless SulphurOccasional StrayStatewide
Phoebis philea  Orange-barred SulphurVery Rare StrayVaries
Phoebis agarithe  Large Orange SulphurRare StrayVaries
Kricogonia lyside  LysideVery Rare StrayVaries
Aphrissa statira  Statira SulphurVery Rare StrayVaries
Eurema daira  Barred YellowVery Rare StrayVaries
Abaeis mexicana  Mexican SulphurOccasional StrayStatewide
Pyrisitia proterpia  Tailed OrangeVery Rare StrayVaries
Pyrisitia lisa  Little YellowStrayNC, NE, SC, SE
Pyrisitia nise  Mimosa SulphurVery Rare StrayVaries
Abaeis nicippe  Sleepy OrangeOccasional StrayStatewide
Nathalis iole  Dainty SulphurCommon StrayStatewide
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Family: LYCAENIDAEBlues, Coppers, Hairstreaks
Feniseca tarquinius  HarvesterRare ResidentSE
Lycaena phlaeas  American CopperUncommon ResidentNC, NE
Tharsalea dione  Gray CopperCommon ResidentStatewide
Tharsalea hyllus  Bronze CopperOccasional ResidentStatewide
Tharsalea rubida  Ruddy CopperUncommon ResidentW, NC
Tharsalea helloides  Purplish CopperUncommon ResidentStatewide
Satyrium titus  Coral HairstreakOccasional ResidentStatewide
Satyrium acadica  Acadian HairstreakUncommon ResidentStatewide
Satyrium edwardsii  Edwards’ HairstreakPossibly ExtirpatedNE, SE
Satyrium calanus  Banded HairstreakUncommon ResidentNC, NE, SC, SE
Satyrium caryaevorus  Hickory HairstreakRare ResidentSE
Satyrium liparops  Striped HairstreakRare ResidentStatewide
Ministrymon leda  Leda HairstreakVery Rare StrayVaries
Calycopis cecrops  Red-banded HairstreakPossibly ExtirpatedSE
Callophrys affinis apama  Apama/Western Green HairstreakRare ResidentW
Callophrys gryneus  Olive HairstreakLocally Common ResidentW, NC, SW
Callophrys henrici  Henry’s ElfinUncommon ResidentSE
Callophrys niphon  Eastern Pine ElfinPossibly ExtirpatedSE
Callophrys eryphon  Western Pine ElfinUncommon ResidentW, NC
Strymon melinus  Gray HairstreakCommon ResidentStatewide
Parrhasius m-album  White-M HairstreakRare StraySE
Brephidium exilis  Pygmy BlueRare StrayVaries
Leptotes marina Marine Blue Uncommon StrayStatewide
Hemiargus ceraunus Ceraunus BlueVery Rare Stray
Echinargus isola  Reakirt’s BlueOccasional StrayStatewide
Cupido comyntas  Eastern Tailed-BlueCommon ResidentStatewide
Cupido amyntula  Western Tailed-BlueStray/Possibly ExtirpatedW
Celastrina neglecta  Summer AzureOccasional ResidentStatewide
Euphilotes enoptes  Dotted BlueRare ResidentW
Euphilotes rita  Rita BlueRare ResidentW
Glaucopsyche piasus  Arrowhead BlueOccasional ResidentW
Glaucopsyche lygdamus  Silvery BlueOccasional ResidentW, SW, SC
Plebejus melissa  Melissa BlueCommon ResidentStatewide
Icaricia saepiolus  Greenish BlueRare ResidentW
Icaricia icarioides  Icarioides BlueLocally Common ResidentW
Icaricia shasta  Shasta BlueUncommon ResidentW
Icaricia lupini  Lupine BlueUncommon ResidentW, NC, SW, SC
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Family: NYMPHALIDAEBrush-footed Butterflies
Libytheana carinenta  Snout ButterflyStrayStatewide
Dione vanillae  Gulf FritillaryRare StrayVaries
Dryas iulia  JuliaRare StrayVaries
Heliconius charithonia  ZebraRare StrayVaries
Euptoieta claudia  Variegated FritillaryCommon StrayStatewide
Argynnis cybele  Great Spangled FritillaryOccasional ResidentStatewide
Argynnis aphrodite  Aphrodite FritillaryOccasional ResidentW
Argynnis idalia  Regal FritillaryUncommon ResidentStatewide
Argynnis edwardsii  Edwards’ FritillaryLocally Common ResidentW, NC
Argynnis coronis  Coronis FritillaryLocally Common ResidentW
Argynnis zerene  Zerene FritillaryRare ResidentW
Argynnis callippe  Callippe FritillaryUncommon ResidentW
Argynnis hesperis  Northwestern FritillaryPossibly ExtirpatedW
Argynnis mormonia  Mormon FritillaryVery Rare ResidentW
Boloria selene  Silver-bordered FritillaryUncommon ResidentW, NC, NE
Boloria bellona  Meadow FritillaryRare ResidentNE
Boloria chariclea helena Purplish FritillaryRare Stray/ResidentW
Poladryas arachne  Arachne CheckerspotRare ResidentW
Chlosyne fulvia  Fulvia CheckerspotUncommon ResidentW, SW, SC
Chlosyne lacinia  Bordered PatchOccasional StrayVaries
Chlosyne gorgone  Gorgone CheckerspotOccasional ResidentStatewide
Chlosyne nycteis  Silvery CheckerspotOccasional ResidentW, NC, NE, SC, SE
Chlosyne acastus  Acastus CheckerspotRare ResidentW
Anthanassa texana  Texan CrescentUncommon strayVaries
Phyciodes graphica Graphic CrescentVery Rare StrayVaries
Phyciodes phaon  Phaon CrescentUncommon strayVaries
Phyciodes tharos  Pearl CrescentCommon ResidentStatewide
Phyciodes cocyta  Northern CrescentRare ResidentW
Phyciodes batesii  Tawny CrescentRare ResidentW
Phyciodes pulchella Field CrescentRare ResidentW
Phyciodes picta  Painted CrescentUncommon ResidentW, SW
Phyciodes pallida  Pale CrescentRare ResidentW
Phyciodes mylitta  Mylitta CrescentRare ResidentW
Euphydryas anicia  Anicia CheckerspotOccasional ResidentW
Euphydryas phaeton  BaltimoreRare StrayVaries
Polygonia interrogationis  Question MarkOccasional ResidentStatewide
Polygonia comma  Eastern CommaOccasional ResidentStatewide
Polygonia satyrus  Satyr AnglewingRare Stray/ResidentW
Polygonia gracilis zephyrus  ZephyrRare ResidentW
Polygonia progne  Gray CommaUncommon ResidentW, NC, NE, SC, SE
Nymphalis l-album  Compton Tortoise ShellRare StrayVaries
Nymphalis antiopa  Mourning CloakUncommon ResidentStatewide
Nymphalis californicaCalifornia Tortoise ShellRare StrayVaries
Aglais milberti  Milbert’s Tortoise ShellOccasional ResidentW
Vanessa virginiensis  American LadyOccasional ResidentStatewide
Vanessa carduii  Painted LadyCommon MigrantStatewide
Vanessa annabella  West Coast LadyRare StrayW, SW
Vanessa atalanta  Red AdmiralCommon ResidentStatewide
Junonia coenia  BuckeyeOccasional StrayStatewide
Anartia jatrophae  White PeacockVery Rare StrayVaries
Limenitis arthemis astyanax  Red-spotted PurpleOccasional ResidentNC, NE, SC, SE
Limenitis archippus  ViceroyOccasional ResidentStatewide
Limenitis weidemeyerii  Weidemeyer’s AdmiralOccasional ResidentW, NC
Mestra amymone  AmymoneVery Rare StrayVaries
Marpesia petreus  Ruddy DaggerwingVery Rare StrayVaries
Anaea aidea  Tropical LeafwingVery Rare StrayVaries
Anaea andria  Goatweed ButterflyOccasional ResidentStatewide
Asterocampa celtis  Hackberry ButterflyOccasional ResidentStatewide
Asterocampa clyton  Tawny EmperorUncommon ResidentNE, SC, SE
Lethe anthedon  Northern Pearly EyeOccasional ResidentNC, NE, SC, SE
Lethe eurydice  Eyed BrownUncommon ResidentW, NC, NE
Megisto cymela  Little Wood SatyrOccasional ResidentStatewide
Coenonympha california California RingletUncommon ResidentW, NC
Cercyonis pegala  Common Wood-NymphCommon ResidentStatewide
Cercyonis meadii  Mead’s Wood-NymphRare/Possibly ExtirpatedW
Cercyonis oetus  Small Wood-NymphRare/Possibly ExtirpatedW
Oeneis ridingsii  Ridings’ SatyrRare ResidentW
Oeneis uhleri varuna  Uhler’s ArcticUncommon ResidentW
Danaus plexippus  MonarchCommon MigrantStatewide
Danaus gilippus  QueenRare StrayVaries
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