Species Page: Arogos Skipper (Atrytone arogos)

Arogos Skipper

Atrytone arogos (Boisduval & Le Conte, 1837)

Family: Hesperiidae

Status: Rare resident

NENHP Ranking: S1, Tier 1

Range: Subspecies iowa inhabits prairies from central Minnesota south into Texas, ranging west into the foothills of the Rockies. Subspecies arogos occupies the east and gulf coasts. There are records from most of the state of Nebraska with the exception of the southern panhandle and southwest.

Larval Hostplant(s): Big bluestem – Andropogon gerardii.

Broods/Flight Times: One or two broods depending on the latitude and season. Nebraska records are from mid-June to late August.

Overwintering: As a partially grown caterpillar.

Habitat: This species inhabits higher quality prairies.

Avg. Wingspan: 1 1/8 – 1 7/16 inches

Found at: Rowe Sanctuary, Victoria Springs, Homestead National Monument, Niobrara Valley Preserve, Cather Prairie, Limestone Bluffs SWMA, Crane Meadows, Calamus Reservoir, Youngsen and Macon Lakes WPAs.

Similar Species: Delaware and Ottoe Skippers

Notes: Arogos and Ottoe Skipper’s are Nebraska’s rarest prairie skippers often going unreported for years at a time from known localities. The presence (or lack of) these species have been cited as biological indicators for prairie quality.

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