Species Page: Silvery Checkerspot (Chlosyne nycteis)

Silvery Checkerspot

Chlosyne nycteis (E. Doubleday, 1847)

Family: Nymphalidae

Status: Occasional resident

NENHP Ranking: S3 Tier 2

Range: The Silvery Checkerspot occupies roughly the eastern half of the United States and southern Canada. It has been found at widespread localities across Nebraska but appears to be absent from the southwest.

Larval Hostplant(s): Goldenglow (Rudbeckia laciniata), Swamp Aster (Aster puniceus), Common Sunflower and Jerusalem Artichoke (Helianthus annuus and H. tuberosus) are among the recognized host plants which occur in Nebraska, and of these the Common Sunflower is probably used most frequently.

Broods/Flight Times: Most records are from an early summer flight in June although several August records might indicate a partial second brood. In Nebraska this species has been found from 30 May – 13 August.

Overwintering: As partially grown caterpillar.

Habitat: It prefers moist open woodlands often adjacent to a stream or lowland.

Avg. Wingspan: 1 3/8 – 2 inches

Found at: Niobrara Valley Preserve, Fontenelle Forest, Kinter’s Ford, Twin Oaks, Little Blue, Red Fox, Redtail, Harold Anderson, Grove Lake & Kent Diversion Dam SWMAs, Victoria Springs & Crystal Lake SRAs, Scotia Chalk Mine, Indian Cave SP, Homestead National Monument

Similar Species: Gorgone Checkerspots


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