Nebraska Lepidoptera

A Butterfly Big Year

The Pursuit of Nebraska’s Butterflies

This blog recounts a Nebraska Butterfly “Big Year” effort by Neil in 2020 to document as many butterfly species as possible in Nebraska in a single year. It includes information about Nebraska’s diverse butterfly and moth fauna, including keys to identification as well as when and where they can be found.

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Blog: Follow Neil’s Journey

The blog details Neil’s travels to find Nebraska’s butterflies. It will share information about their habits and when and where to look for them.

Butterfly Guide to Central Nebraska

Purchase this colorful, thorough and easy to follow guide to the butterflies of Central Nebraska. It is small enough to fit in your pocket and complete enough to cover nearly every species you will encounter.

Nebraska Butterfly Census

Join a survey of Nebraska’s butterflies. Click on the image to learn how you can help scientists better track and identify what species are visiting our state by submitting your sightings.

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