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Nebraska Lepidoptera

A Comprehensive Guide to Nebraska’s Butterflies & Moths

Nebraska Lepidoptera is a comprehensive guide to Nebraska’s butterflies and its sphinx, silk and underwing moths, brought to you by lepidopterist Neil Dankert and the Nebraska Wildlife Conservation Fund of the Nebraska Game & Parks Commission, and with the assistance of fellow lepidopterist Steve Spomer. Visitors to this site will find information about Nebraska’s diverse butterflies and moths, including state butterfly and moth lists, species-by-species accounts of all butterflies and the three featured groups of moths, keys to butterfly identification, and where butterflies can be found.

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Neil’s Nebraska Lepidoptera Blog

Features stories about Nebraska’s butterflies & moths, butterfly & moth history, and Neil Dankert’s efforts to find Nebraska’s lepidoptera.

Butterfly Species-by-Species Descriptions

List of all Nebraska butterfly species, as well as links to species-by-species detailed accounts of all Nebraska butterflies.

State Moth List & Moth Species Descriptions

Complete list of identified moth species in the state, plus species-by-species descriptions of sphinx, silk and underwing moths.

Explore Nebraska in Pursuit of Butterflies

Featured locations to search for Nebraska’s butterflies species.

Nebraska Lepidoptera was developed with the support of the Nebraska Wildlife Conservation Fund of the Nebraska Game & Parks Commission.