Niobrara Valley Preserve

Niobrara Valley Preserve

Brown/Keya Paha/Cherry Counties

Biologically Unique Landscape: Middle Niobrara River Valley. An example of a prairie-forest ecotone, where semi-arid forests meet grasslands.

Looking for Butterflies: There are three locations that should give the viewer a possibility of seeing most of the butterflies present here. The first is a trail originating just west of the mailbox/driveway (42.783024, -100.035176). It has a several loops to take a hiker through a number of habitats including sandhill prairies, open oak woodlands and stream sides. A second site is a hillside prairie north of the river with a good variety of prairie skippers have been found (42.79063, -100.06507). There is no trail. A third site is Middle Creek just east of that location (42.79052, -100.05654) where one can expect to encounter wetland/riparian species. Care should be taken at this site as there are numerous stream channels, some old and some active, that make for uneven terrain not visible under the vegetation.

Special Instructions: Stay out of fenced areas as there are cattle and bison herds on the preserve. Be aware that you may encounter rattlesnakes in the area. Poison ivy is also locally common.

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  Other sites nearby: Smith Falls SP, Fort Niobrara NWR

Butterflies Present (NENHP S Rank):

Hiking trail and Niobrara River. The Nature Conservancy’s Niobrara Valley Preserve, Nebraska.
Niobrara Valley Preserve, prairie hillside (site 2)
Niobrara Valley Preserve, prairie hillside (site 2)
Niobrara River
Ottoe Skipper, Bryan Reynolds
Little Glassywing, Jonathan Nikkila
Eyed Brown, Jonathan Nikkila
Banded Hairstreak, Jonathan Nikkila
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