Eastern NE Anglewings (Polygonia sp.)

There are three species found in eastern Nebraska – Polygonia interrogationis, P. comma and P. progne.  They differ from most other butterflies in that they overwinter as adults and often prefer rotting fruit or tree sap over flower nectar.  These three species are quite similar in appearance and while there can be several color phases or forms the descriptions belowContinue reading “Eastern NE Anglewings (Polygonia sp.)”

Another little known NE butterfly Chlosyne fulvia – Fulvia Checkerspot

This is another “recent” discovery in the state, having first been discovered in the mid 1980s.  Once again, after being found and investigating promising habitats, it has been found at numerous locations.  This butterfly is closely associated with it’s larval hostplant Castilleja sessiliflora or Downy Paintbrush. This plant is most often found on hilltops, mainly in theContinue reading “Another little known NE butterfly Chlosyne fulvia – Fulvia Checkerspot”