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Some good reading came out recently that might merit a few minutes of your time. The first appeared in the July 31 (Sunday) Omaha World Herald and deals with gardening for pollinators and Monarch butterflies in particular as a conservation group recently listed them as endangered.

Nebraska Game and Parks file photo

The August/September issue of Nebraskaland magazine has a nice article (The Butterfly Explorers) about Joanne Langabee and Holly Hofreiter and their weekly butterfly counts at Fontenelle Forest and Lauritzen Gardens which they have doing for six years.

Not to be outdone the July/August issue of NebraskaLife has a pollinator article (Nebraska’s Parade of Pollinators).

All three articles are well written with great photography. Recommended Reading!!

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  1. Great articles! I had no idea of the extent of the work/counts Joanne and Holly have been doing…what an inspiration for the rest of us amateur naturalists!

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