Blaine County Records

Last Sunday (July 9) myself, Jonathan and Bennett Nikkila drove to the Niobrara Valley Preserve to do the annual butterfly count the next day. On the way we stopped at the North Loup River just north of Brewster in Blaine County to stretch our legs and check out some wet highway ditches that have been productive in the past. Once again the location did not disappoint. In a short time we found two species “new” to Blaine County – a Delaware Skipper and a Coral Hairstreak, neither rare but nonetheless not previously reported. Another cool sighting was an Acadica Hairstreak (I never get tired of seeing those). This brings the species total for Blaine County to 44 with some other low hanging fruit still out there.

Later that day we explored some areas at the Preserve that we normally don’t get to. That evening we set out lights to check out the local nightlife and followed that up with the butterfly count on Monday. Lots of great findings to report. Stay tuned!! Neil

Coral Hairstreak, North Loup River @ Brewster, Blaine County, NE, 9 July 2023, Bennett C Nikkila
Delaware Skipper, Niobrara Valley Preserve, Brown Co., NE 11 July 2020, Jonathan Nikkila

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