Zabulon Skipper found in Saunders County

This skipper is most abundant in the southeastern United States with Nebraska records being at the northwestern most edge of its range. So it is always a treat to find them in Nebraska where it goes unreported most years. The Nebraska Natural Heritage Program has this species listed as S2, indicating that they consider itContinue reading “Zabulon Skipper found in Saunders County”

Found one time in Nebraska – The Hermit (Grais stigmaticus)

On 9/20/2005 Doug Long found another butterfly (skipper actually) in the state for the first time. This time is was a Hermit (Grais stigmaticus) which he found near Holbrook in Furnas County. While certainly not the most colorful “butterfly” in Nebraska (many people would have mistaken it for a moth) Doug alertly noticed the yellowContinue reading “Found one time in Nebraska – The Hermit (Grais stigmaticus)”

Doug Long – Citizen Scientist Extraordinaire

Back in my student days at Kearney State College the Biology Department sent out newsletters to high school Biology teachers. My academic advisor (Dr. Harold Nagel) had an idea to send out solicitations for students/teachers interested in contributing specimens/data on Lepidoptera species. One of the responses we got was from one of Doug Long’s kids.Continue reading “Doug Long – Citizen Scientist Extraordinaire”