Sidney I-80 East Rest Area

Sidney I-80 East Rest Area

Cheyenne County

Biologically Unique Landscape: The Sidney I-80 East Rest Area lies in the EPA’s Western High Plains Ecoregion.

Looking for Butterflies: This area gives an observer an opportunity to see a unique community of high plains butterflies. It is one of the more easterly locations where you might observe Anise Swallowtails, Shasta Blues and Western Green Hairstreaks along with Aphrodite, Coronis and Edward’s Fritillaries. It is also probably one of the better locations in the state to see Horned Toads (Phrynosoma comutum)

Special Instructions: Only accessible when traveling east on Interstate 80. The rest area is surrounded by hills and a hiking trail on the west side. A sign at the head of the trail warns people to look out for rattlesnakes. The sign is there for a reason!!

Links for More Information: None

Butterflies Present (NENHP S Rank):

Anise Swallowtail, Colin Croft
Afranius Duskywing, Colin Croft
Aphrodite Fritillary, Colin Croft
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