Kinter’s Ford

Kinter’s Ford Wildlife Management Area

Richardson County

Biologically Unique Landscape: Southeast Prairies

Looking for Butterflies: This is the only public access location in the state known to have a resident population of Byssus Skippers. They have been found along the banks of the South Fork of the Big Nemaha River. In addition there are upland prairies and woodlands to investigate.

Special Instructions: Byssus Skippers have been found along the river on the west side of the bridge over the South Fork of the Big Nemaha River. There is a pull off area just west of the Highway 8 bridge on the north side. There is also a parking area north of the highway on the east side of the bridge where you can access the prairie to the east or woodland border. There has been a multitude of butterflies in that area when the smooth sumac is in bloom (usually in early to mid June)

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  Other sites nearby: Prairie Knoll SWMA, Four Mile Creek SWMA

Butterflies Present (NENHP S Rank):

byssus habitat
Byssus Skipper, Jonathan Nikkila
Silvery Checkerspot, Loren Padelford