#7769 gloveri

Glover’s Silkmoth

Hyalophora gloveri (Strecker, 1872)

Family: Saturniidae

Status: Occasional resident in the scarps of western Nebraska.

Range: From western portions of the Dakotas, Nebraska, Oklahoma and Texas this species can be found westward to the Pacific Coast but is apparently absent from Washington and Oregon.

Larval Hostplant(s): Chokecherry (Prunus virginiana), Buffaloberry (Shepherdia argentea) and Willow (Salix), Skunkbush sumac (Rhus aromatica) and Currants (Ribes sp).

NENHP Ranking: Not listed

Broods/Flight Times: A single late spring/early summer brood (May-June).

Habitat: Shrubby prairies, canyonlands and open pine forests.

Avg. Wingspan: 4 1/4 – 6 Inches.

Found at: Gilbert-Baker Wildlife Management Area, Sidney Rest Area, Wildcat Hills State Recreation Area.

Overwintering: As pupa.

Similar Species: Cecropia Moths have a darker appearance while gloveri is more maroon. Also gloveri lacks the bright red band bordering the transverse white band that is present on cecropia.


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