Wildcat Hills State Rec Area

Wildcat Hills State Recreation Area

Scotts Bluff County

Biologically Unique Landscape: Wildcat Hills

Looking for Butterflies: The Wildcat Hills feature a unique mix of high plains and Rocky Mountain species in a small area with easy access. For viewers with a tight schedule numerous skippers, swallowtails, blues and fritillaries with western affiliations can be seen here without having to travel the additional 70 miles to the Pine Ridge farther north.

Special Instructions: A park entry permit is required. Good habitat can be found along numerous trails and roadways but pay particular attention to two large milkweed stands on either side of the road on the east side of the SRA (near where the Monument View Trail begins).

Old Stage Hill Road at the east edge of the SRA should also be included in any visit, particularly the section south of the old SRA entrance (you’ll see the old entrance sign and a small parking area on the west side of Old Stage Hill Road; there’s additional parking further south on the left side of the road).

Links for More Information: http://outdoornebraska.gov/wildcathills/

  Other sites nearby: Scotts Bluff National Monument, Buffalo Creek SWMA, Murphy Ranch (TNC), Cedar Canyon SWMA, Agate Fossil Beds National Monument

Butterflies Present (NENHP S Rank):