Distribution Map Updates – Part 1

I just finished updating the distribution maps for all 215 butterfly species that have been recorded from Nebraska. Six butterflies have been recorded from all 93 counties – Red Admirals (Vanessa atalanta), Painted Ladies (Vanessa cardui), Monarchs (Danaus plexippus), Common Wood Nymphs (Cercyonis pegala), Orange Sulphurs (Colias eurytheme) and Cabbage Whites (Pieris rapae).

Another 14 species have a half dozen or fewer counties where they are as yet unreported. It’s not so late in the season that we can’t make a dent in some of those.

I’ll post the other seven in the next couple of days. If your heading to any of the counties lacking records (Boone and Wayne have two opportunities each) keep an eye out for these butterflies. If you find any let us know at nebraskabutterflies@gmail.com. Happy hunting!!

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