Another Doug Long State Record Pyrisitia nise – Mimosa Sulphur

On July 18 1993 Doug Long found another butterfly never before recorded from Nebraska. In Holbrook (I assume in his yard) he found this Mimosa Sulphur (Pyrisitia nise). I likely would not have given it a second look and passed it off as a Little Yellow (P. lisa). As a small (more “delicate”) butterfly andContinue reading “Another Doug Long State Record Pyrisitia nise – Mimosa Sulphur”

Niobrara Valley Preserve Trip #1

Monday, June 1 Jen and I left Elm Creek for the Niobrara Valley Preserve located in Brown, Keya Paha and Cherry counties, arriving there about 10:00 am. As promised, the weather was warm, with temps already in the mid 80’s. Mainly we were looking for spring flying Duskywings (Erynnis sp.) whose larvae feed on oakContinue reading “Niobrara Valley Preserve Trip #1”