#8876 micronympha

Little Nymph Underwing

Catocala micronympha Guenee, 1852

Family: Erebidae

Status: Resident

Range: Found from the eastern seaboard west into Colorado.

Larval Hostplant(s): Oak trees (Quercus).

NENHP Ranking: Not listed

Broods/Flight Times: A single brood flying from July into September.

Habitat: Deciduous woodlands.

Avg. Wingspan: Smaller sized Underwing, 1 3/8 – 2 Inches

Found at: Fontenelle Forest, Indian Cave SP, Niobrara Valley Preserve.

Overwintering: As eggs on woody stems.

Identification: FW is extremely variable. There is usually a dark band from the costa to the reniform spot to the outer margin (5) FW apex with a whitish patch and a dark bar underneath it. On the HW the outer black band is broken (or nearly so) near the base.

Similar Species: The Little Underwing (C. minuta) is smaller, the white st forming a more distinct concave arc from the costa and with the inner black band of the HW rounded at the apex. FW lacks the whitish patch and dark bar at the apex.

Notes: Identifying features illustrated.

Literature Cited: (5) Bill Oehlke’s moth website

🔗Links: Moth Photographers Group, BugGuide.Net

Little Nymph Underwing
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