#8801.1 umbrosa

Umber Underwing

Catocala umbrosa Brou, 2003

Family: Erebidae

Status: Resident

Range: Found in the Gulf Coast states west to central Texas and north to the Carolinas, Illinois and Nebraska.

Larval Hostplant(s): Oaks (Quercus)

NENHP Ranking: Not listed

Broods/Flight Times: A single summer brood, July into September.

Habitat: Deciduous woodlands.

Avg. Wingspan: Large Underwing, 2 3/4 – 3 Inches.

Found at: Indian Cave State Park, Niobrara Valley Preserve

Overwintering: As eggs on tree bark

Identification: Very similar to Ilia Underwing (C. ilia) except that there is reduced or no white in the reniform area.

Similar Species: The Umber Underwing is generally brown to brownish gray, whereas C. ilia ranges from dark blackish-gray to a somewhat lighter blue-gray. C. umbrosa generally shows less contrast between its ground color and markings. In particular, the border and/or filling of the reniform spot is usually a much bolder white in ilia but much less conspicuous in umbrosa. (4)

Notes: Identifying features illustrated.

Literature Cited: (4) Moths of North Carolina

🔗Links: Moth Photographers Group, BugGuide.net, Moths of North Carolina

Umber Underwing, Niobrara Valley Preserve, Brown Co., NE, 9 July 2023, Jonathan Nikkila
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