More new moth records

Many thanks to contributors who continue to submit moth records. This past week Jen Corman verified a Snowberry Clearwing record from Rock County. That makes 44 counties with records for a species that occurs statewide. More work to do. Good job Jen!

Mark Brogie continues to amaze. In the past week he has added two new species to Nebraska’s moth list. On July 27th he found a White-shawled Isocorypha (Isocorypha mediostriatella) in Knox Co. The other nearest records are from Missouri and Oklahoma (MPG). He followed that up on July 30th with another state record Homosetia argentinotella, also from Knox County (nearest record – Oklahoma!). Those two moths put Mark’s personal moth species list at over 800 for the state and over 700 in Knox County (most from his yard in Creighton).

Keep up the good work!!

Isocorypha mediostriatella – White-shawled Isocorypha – Hodges#0299 – 07.27.23 – Knox Co., NE – Mark A. Brogie
Homosetia argentinotella – Hodges#0284 – 07.30.23 – Knox Co., NE – Mark A. Brogie

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