More Marine Blues, Pt. 2

Since our last post on Marine Blues (Leptotes marina) a week ago observers have come through with sightings from eight additional new counties. Diane Miller found them on alfalfa in Boone and Madison counties, Joanne Langabee and Holly Hoffreiter recorded the species while doing a butterfly survey at Homestead National Monument east of Beatrice in Gage County. Sarah Bailey and Deb & Scott Miller observed them in their yards in Aurora (Hamilton County) as did Melissa Pohl in Seward County. After picking up Junk Jaunt treasures Saturday in Cairo for Jennifer (the better half) I spent a pleasurable afternoon driving the back roads of Howard, Merrick and Nance Counties where Marine Blues were present on alfalfa when it could be found in bloom. Many thanks to all contributors!!

Seward Co record L. marina, Seward County, 9/18/2022, photo by Melissa Pohl

While Marine Blues have now been found in over half of Nebraska’s counties, large blocks of counties remain where intrepid explorers can document new finds. Get ’em now before the cold weather shuts the season down and contact us at

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