Four More County Records for NE

On June 2 Steve Spomer stopped at the Brainard Cemetery in Butler County and found (among a few other things) Silver Spotted Skippers and a Hobomok Skipper, both of which had not been previously reported from Butler county. Then Friday June 4 Jen and I met Pat and Diane Miller at the Scotia Chalk Mine in Greeley County to look for said Silver Spotted Skippers. While there I saw a Eastern Tiger Swallowtail which to my surprise ended up being a county record. We ended up not finding Silver Spotted Skippers there or in Valley County, but Diane finally located one at a wayside area a couple miles east of Burwell in Garfield County where it was a county record as well. Peck’s Skippers were common there but had been found in Garfield County previously. Those four records along with the Saline County Peck’s Skipper (see the May 25 post) bring our Nebraska 2021 year to date county record total to five. The updated maps follow. To learn more about these butterflies follow the link below the maps.

Once again, to request a list of butterflies found (or not yet found) from any of Nebraska’s 93 counties reach out to To submit what you believe to be a new record for a county send a picture and full data (date, location and observer) to the same email. Once again the records designated as 4H records are probably valid but the data for those records never reached me.

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