Box Elder State Wildlife Management Area

Box Elder State Wildlife Management Area

Lincoln County

Biologically Unique Landscape: Loess Canyons

Looking for Butterflies: Public access to a loess hills ecosystem on a good road near a population center are features that make it an ideal location. While the upland hillsides are not extensive a great mix of unique butterflies, some endemic to the loess hills ecosystem, have been found there.

Special Instructions: 41°01’54.4″N 100°34’17.7″W. A cattle gate at the top of the hill (east side of Box Elder Canyon Road) at the north edge of the property gives one the easiest access to the best habitat.

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  Other sites nearby: Platte SWMA, Wapiti SWMA

Butterflies Present (NENHP S Rank):

On the hillside of Box Elder Wildlife Management Area searching for Yucca Skippers.
Dusted Skipper, Chris Helzer
Silvery Blue, Colin Croft