#7789 catalpae

Catalpa Sphinx

Ceratomia catalpae (Boisduval, [1875])

Family: Sphingidae

Status: Occasional resident

Larval Hostplant(s): Catalpa trees (Catalpa speciosa).

Range: A resident from New York east to Nebraska and south to Florida and east Texas.

NENHP Ranking: Not listed

Broods/Flight Times: Adults have been found from June to September indicating it is likely double brooded in our area.

Habitat: In/near woodlands with Catalpas.

Avg. Wingspan: 2 1/2 – 3 3/4 Inches

Found at: Fontenelle Forest, Indian Cave State Park.

Overwintering: As pupa in the soil.

Similar Species: Easily confused with the Waved Sphinx on which the spot on FW is larger and white, the HW lines are distinct and serrate and the ground color of wings with more contrasting with light and dark areas.


🔗Links: Moth Photographers Group, BugGuide.net.

Catalpa Sphinx
Catalpa Sphinx larva, Sarpy Co., NE, Aug 9, 2008, Barbara Padelford
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