Butterflies with Type Localities in Nebraska – Bernadetta Checkerspot (Euphydryas anicia bernadetta)

Staying on the theme of butterflies with type localities in Nebraska, back in 1920 Richard A Leussler (that man again – see Jan 8 post) described what he believed to be a new species of Checkerspot which he called Euphydryas bernadetta. In the years since the powers that be have decided that it is actually a subspecies of Anicia Checkerspot and relegated bernadetta to a subspecies. (Euphydryas anicia bernadetta Leussler, 1920) The Anicia Checkerspot is found in the western United States, with bernadetta being the eastern most subspecies, residing in Nebraska’s Pine Ridge and South Dakota’s Black Hills. Mr. Leussler described the subspecies from a series of specimens (syntypes) he collected in Monroe Canyon in Sioux County. These specimens are housed at the Ohio State University invertebrate collection.

This butterfly flies in a single spring flight, usually in May. It can be abundant. The Monroe Canyon type locality is now a Nebraska Game and Parks property (Gilbert-Baker State Wildlife Area).

Anicia Checkerspot Euphydryas anicia (Doubleday, [1847]) | Butterflies and Moths of North America

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  1. Do subspp get DNA analysis to confirm relationships?Even bigger ?, has Bayesian analysis been done on butterflies to determine relationships?

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