Common Butterflies of the Central Platte River Valley

Common Butterflies of the
Central Platte River Valley

This colorful, thorough and easy to follow guide to the butterflies of Central Nebraska is small enough to fit in your pocket and complete enough to cover nearly every species you will encounter in this region. See selected images from the guide below.

In addition to high-quality, color photographs, the images are presented life-size to aid with field identification. In many cases, there are clear arrows pointing out specific parts about the butterfly descriptions. Finally, the butterflies are sorted by color and size to make it easy to compare similar looking species.

While it is dedicated to Nebraska’s Central Platte River Valley, many of the butterflies here are found statewide, particularly in the Eastern portion of the state.

It is currently out of print (email if you are interested in purchasing a copy as we may do future printings). In the meantime, you may download here.

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