Zerene Fritillary

Argynnis zerene Boisduval, 1852

Family: Nymphalidae

Status: Rare resident

NENHP Ranking: S1S2, Tier 2

Range: The Zerene Fritillary occupies roughly the northwestern quarter of the United States. In Nebraska it is found in the northwestern corner of the state.

Broods/Flight Times: There is one flight. The few Nebraska records are from 28 June – 30 July.

Larval Hostplant(s): Several violets are documented, of which Yellow Prairie Violet (Viola nuttallii) occurs in Nebraska where this fritillary has been found. Other violets are found in the same area but have not been verified as hostplants.

Habitat: It has been reported from the Pine Ridge area

Found at: Sowbelly Canyon, Wildcat Range (Banner County)

Overwintering: As unfed caterpillars

Similar Species: Mormon and Coronis Fritillaries

Notes: There are but a handful of records for this butterfly from the state, where it is found in Pine Ridge habitats. It was last reported in the state in 1994 by Steve Spomer and Jim Reiser. All suspected records should be referred to specialists for verification.

Zerene Fritillary, William M. Ciesla, Forest Health Management International, Bugwood.org
Zerene Fritillary – dorsal
Zerene Fritillary – ventral

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