Zabulon Skipper

Lon zabulon (Boisduval & Le Conte, [1837])

Family: Hesperiidae

Status: Uncommon/rare local resident

NENHP Ranking: S2, Tier 2

Range: This species is found from eastern Texas north to Missouri and east to the East Coast. In Nebraska it is primarily southeastern, with a few records from central portions of the state.

Broods/Flight Times: The Zabulon Skipper is double brooded in Nebraska, flying in late May to early June and again in late August to early September.

Larval Hostplant(s): Grasses: Eragrostis, Tridens, Poa, Agropyron and Elymus species

Habitat: The Zabulon Skipper inhabits open woodlands, woodland borders and dry streambeds.

Found at: Indian Cave State Park, Platte River State Park, Table Rock SWMA, Walnut Creek Lake (Sarpy Co)

Overwintering: As a caterpillar

Similar Species:

Notes: Records from Buffalo county from two different locations in three different years would seem to indicate a small but sustained population there. A Doug Long record from Furnas County also pushes the known western limits of this species in Nebraska but leaves large gaps with the more eastern records for researchers to investigate.

Zabulon Skipper, Photo by Matthew Brust
Zabulon Skipper – female, dorsal
Zabulon Skipper – female, ventral
Zabulon Skipper – male, dorsal
Zabulon Skipper – male, ventral

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