Willow Creek SRA

Willow Creek State Recreation Area

Pierce County

Ecosystem: Insert text

Looking for Butterflies: This site was selected for an opportunity to see Black Dash Skippers and American Coppers (both NENHP S1 species) as well as Wild Indigo Duskywings, an S3 butterfly

Special Instructions for Visiting the Site: Quite unexpectedly a population of American Coppers were discovered in a meadow south of the swimming beach along the hiking trail 42°17920 -97 57183 in 2004. They could still be found there as late as 2019. A Wild Indigo Duskywing was also found in that area. Their numbers should improve as an vetch introduced there serves as their larval hostplant. In 2007 Jim Reiser found a Black Dash Skipper in a small marshy area on the northeast corner of the lake – GPS coordinates

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Butterflies Present:

  • Wild Indigo Duskywing (S3, Tier 2)
  • Black Dash Skipper (S1, Tier1)
  • Little Copper (S1S2, Tier 2)
  • Anglewings (Polygonia sp.)
  • Viceroys

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Willow Creek State Recreation Area, Nebraska Game and Parks file photo
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