Varuna Arctic

Oeneis uhleri varuna (W. H. Edwards, 1882)

Family: Nymphalidae

Status: Local resident in the panhandle, can be common when located.

NENHP Ranking: S2S3, Tier 2

Range: Uhler’s Arctic is found in Alaska and the Northwest Territories and in southern portions of Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba south into Minnesota and New Mexico. In Nebraska it is restricted to the panhandle counties

Broods/Flight Times: One early summer flight from late May into mid June

Larval Hostplant(s): Various grasses

Habitat: This butterfly is found in prairie openings of pine forests in the Pine Ridge. East of there they are found on prairie hillsides. Adults rarely visit flowers and perch on the ground where they blend in with grasses. 

Found at: Gilbert Baker SWMA, Wildcat Hills SRA

Overwintering: As a partially grown larva

Similar Species: Ridings’ Satyr


Varuna Arctic, Gilbert-Baker SWMA, Photo by Neil Dankert
Varuna Arctic – dorsal
Varuna Arctic – ventral

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