Statira Sulphur

Aphrissa statira (Cramer, 1777)

Family: Pieridae

Status: Very rare stray

NENHP Ranking: Not listed

Range: South America to Texas and Florida, straying north from there

Broods/Flight Times: Many flights in Florida

Larval Hostplant(s): Select plants from the pea family (Fabaceae) none of which are found in Nebraska

Habitat: Strays might be found anywhere

Found at:

Overwintering: Not in our area

Similar Species:

Notes: A single specimen was found in the University of Nebraska – Lincoln collection from Erwin Froemel, collected in Columbus (Platte County) dated July 7 1940.

Common Name, Location, Photographer
Statira Sulphur – dorsal
Statira Sulphur – ventral

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