California or Spring White

Pontia sisymbrii (Boisduval, 1852)

Family: Pieridae

Status: Uncommon resident

NENHP Ranking: S3, Tier 2

Range: This species inhabits western North America from the Yukon and Northwest Territories south through California, Arizona and New Mexico. In Nebraska it is restricted to the Pine Ridge areas of the panhandle counties.

Broods/Flight Times: One spring flight, primarily in may

Larval Hostplant(s): Crucifers, particularly Arabis holboellii.

Habitat: Adults are found on rocky hillsides and hilltops in open areas of ponderosa pine forest.

Found at: Gilbert-Baker SWMA, Wildcat Hills SRA

Overwintering: As a pupa

Similar Species: Checkered and Western Whites


Spring White, Wildcat Hills, Photo by Colin Croft
California White – female, dorsal
California White – female, ventral
California White – male, dorsal
California White – male, ventral

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