Scotia Chalk Mine

Scotia Chalk Mine/Happy Jack Peak

Greeley County

Ecosystem: This site is a loess hill vegetated with oak woodlands on one side and mixed grass prairie on the other.

Special Instructions for Visiting the Site: 41.441667, -98.707354

Looking for Butterflies: In addition to the butterflies already found here visitors should be alert to the possibility of finding Fulvia Checkerspots as well as Juvenal’s and Horace’s Duskywings all of whose larval hostplants (Downy Paintbrush for the former and Bur Oak for the latter two) grow in abundance here.

Links for More Information:

Butterflies Present – NENHP S Rank

  • Northern Cloudywing
  • Pawnee Skipper
  • Crossline Skipper – S3
  • Roadside Skipper
  • Southern Dogface – S3
  • Striped Hairstreak – S2
  • Banded Hairstreak – S2S3
  • Summer Azure
  • Reakirt’s Blue
  • Regal Fritillary – S3
  • Silvery Crescentspot – S3
  • Gray Comma – S3
  • Hackberry Emperor

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