Peck’s Skipper

Polites peckius (W. Kirby, 1837)

Family: Hesperiidae

Status: Occasional to common resident statewide

NENHP Ranking: Not listed

Range: Peck’s Skipper is found from central Quebec west to northern Alberta, and southward to southern Idaho and northern Georgia. It occurs statewide in Nebraska.

Broods/Flight Times: Triple-brooded though much of the state. Recorded in Nebraska from 22 May – 1 October.

Larval Hostplant(s): Wetland and lawn grasses including Cutgrass (Leersia oryzoides) and Kentucky Bluegrass (Poa pratensis)

Habitat: Although this species is found in suburbs and on upland prairies it prefers riparian/wetland habitats where it is sometimes found in abundance. 

Found at:

Overwintering: As a partially grown caterpillar

Similar Species: Long Dash Skipper


Peck’s Skipper The Nature Conservancy’s Caveny Tract – Platte River Prairies, Nebraska, Chris Helzer
Peck’s Skipper – female, dorsal

Peck’s Skipper – male, dorsal
Peck’s Skipper – ventral

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