State Line Road

1.5 miles south of I-80 mm1

Kimball County

Biologically Unique Landscape: Kimball County Grasslands

Looking for Butterflies: This mixed grass prairie and breaks supports a rich diverse population of grassland specialist skippers as well as a few Lycaenids that favor rocky outcroppings. This is probably the best site in the state to see Western Green Hairstreaks.

Special Instructions for Visiting the Site: 41°10’07.2″N 104°01’46.5″W Once you reach the rocky outcropping to the east search the roadway and extensive right of way back north and to the west.

Links for More Information: None

Butterflies Present – NENHP S Rank

  • Afranius Duskywing – S2
  • Garita Skipperling – S2
  • Uncas Skipper – S2
  • Colorado Skipper – S3
  • Pahaska Skipper – S2
  • Rhesus Skipper – S2
  • Dun Skipper – S3
  • Apama Hairstreak – S1S2
  • Juniper Hairstreak – S3
  • Western Pine Elfin
  • Shasta Blue – S2
  • Field Crescent – S1
  • Monarch – S2
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