Falcate Orangetip

Anthocharis midea (Hubner, [1809])

Family: Pieridae

Status: Extirpated resident

NENHP Ranking: SH

Range: Occupies almost the eastern half of the United States with the exception of Minnesota, peninsular Florida, and the Gulf Coast. In Nebraska there are old records from the southeastern portion of the state.

Broods/Flight Times: One spring flight, April and May in Missouri (Heitzman and Heitzman, 1987).

Larval Hostplant(s): Select members of the mustard family (Brassicaceae)

Habitat: Open woods and riparian areas

Found at:

Overwintering: As chrysalids

Similar Species: none

Notes: This species is a resident of the southeastern United States. Nebraska records (nearly 100 years old) are the farthest northwest this species has been found in North America. Males and females are dramatically dimorphic with only the males having the “orangetip”.

Common Name, Location, Photographer
Falcate Orangetip – female, dorsal
Falcate Orangetip – female, ventral
Falcate Orangetip – male, dorsal
Falcate Orangetip – male, ventral

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