Nebraska Lepidoptera

A Comprehensive Guide to Nebraska’s Butterflies

Nebraska Lepidoptera is a comprehensive guide to Nebraska’s butterflies brought to you by lepidopterist Neil Dankert and the Nebraska Game & Parks Commission. Visitors to this site will find information about Nebraska’s diverse butterfly and moth fauna, including species-by-species accounts of all butterflies, keys to identification as well as when and where they can be found. The site also hosts Neil’s blog about, including his narrative and results of his 2020 “big year” when he saw over 100 species.

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Blog: Follow Neil’s Journey

The blog details Neil’s travels to find Nebraska’s butterflies. It will share information about their habits and when and where to look for them.

Species-by-Species Descriptions

Lists of all Nebraska butterfly and moth species, as well as links to species-by-species detailed accounts of all Nebraska butterflies.

Explore Nebraska in Pursuit of Butterflies

Featured locations to search for many of Nebraska’s butterflies species.

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