Callippe Fritillary

Argynnis callippe Boisduval, 1852

Family: Nymphalidae

Status: Uncommon/rare resident

NENHP Ranking: S1, Tier 2

Range: The Callippe Fritillary is found from southern portions of British Columbia to Manitoba south through most of California, Nevada, Utah and Colorado. In Nebraska it is recorded from Sioux and Banner counties.

Broods/Flight Times: There is one flight. Nebraska records are from 19 June – 18 August. It undoubtedly flies earlier than June 19, but due to its rarity data is scarce. In South Dakota, where it is more numerous, Marrone (2002) reports it as occurring as early as June 6.

Larval Hostplant(s): Violets, of which Yellow Prairie Violet (Viola nuttallii) has been observed as a host and occurs in the areas where this fritillary has been found.

Habitat: The scarps, valleys and roadsides of the Pine Ridge

Found at: Gilbert-Baker SWMA, Wright’s Gap – Wildcat Range (Banner County)

Overwintering: As an unfed caterpillar

Similar Species: Edwards’ Fritillary

Notes: This, along with Edwards’ Fritillary, is one of the earlier flying Speyeria found in western Nebraska. Many years often pass between sightings. The most recent Nebraska records are 1969, 1997 and 2021 all single individuals.

Callippe Fritillary, Photo by Matthew Brust
Callippe Fritillary – dorsal
Callippe Fritillary – ventral

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