Burwell Pond

Pond ne of Burwell on Highway 91/11

Garfield County

Ecosystem: Roadside pond adjacent to wetlands and riparian woodlands.

Special Instructions for Visiting the Site: 41.78727 -99.12013

Looking for Butterflies: This site provides easy access and the possibility to sight some uncommon butterflies that occasionally spill over from adjoining private wetlands. Not every trip will be productive but pay special attention to the east end of the area and adjoining road ditch.

Links for More Information: None

Butterflies Present – NENHP S Rank

  • Purplish Copper – S3
  • Regal Fritillary – S3
  • Silver-bordered Fritillary – S1S2
  • Question Mark
  • Eastern Comma
  • Monarch – S2
  • Peck’s Skipper

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