Queen Alexandra’s Sulphur

Colias alexandra W. H. Edwards, 1863

Family: Pieridae

Status: Uncommon/rare resident

NENHP Ranking: S3, Tier 2

Range: The western half of sub-arctic Canada south through the mountain and intermountain west of the United States to central California, Arizona and New Mexico. In Nebraska it is found in the western panhandle counties.

Broods/Flight Times: Double brooded in Nebraska with records from 24 May – 18 August.

Larval Hostplant(s): Herbaceous legumes including AstragalusLathyrusLotusLupinusMedicagoOxytropisThermopsisTrifolium, and Vicia species. Golden Pea (Thermopsis rhombifolia) is thought to be the primary hostplant in Nebraska.

Habitat: C. alexandra inhabits open coniferous woodlands and creekbottoms in Pine Ridge habitats in western Nebraska.

Found at: Gilbert-Baker SWMA, Sowbelly Canyon (Sioux County), Panorama Point (Kimball County)

Overwintering: As a larva

Similar Species: Clouded and Orange Sulphurs.


Queen Alexandra’s Sulphur, Photo by Matthew Brust
Queen Alexandra’s Sulphur – female, dorsal
Queen Alexandra’s Sulphur – female, ventral
Queen Alexandra’s Sulphur – male, dorsal
Queen Alexandra’s Sulphur – male, ventral

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